The Quiet American

Written by:
Graham Greene
Narrated by:
Joseph Porter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2009
6 hours 41 minutes
Alden Pyle, an idealistic young American, is sent to Vietnam to promote democracy amidst the intrigue and violence of the French war with the Vietminh. His friend Fowler, a cynical foreign correspondent, looks on but soon finds it difficult to remain simply an observer. Fowler’s mistress, a beautiful native girl, creates a catalyst for jealousy and competition between the men and a cultural clash resulting in bloodshed and deep misgivings.

Written in 1955 prior to the Vietnam conflict, The Quiet American foreshadows the events leading up to the war. Questions surrounding the moral ambiguity of the involvement of the United States in foreign countries are as relevant today as they were fifty years ago.
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Linda M.

I found this to be an incredibly interesting and absorbing book. My book group just had a 2 hr discussion about the main characters, the events of history that it covers, etc. It seems from previous reviewers here, that the bad American accent of the narrator was a more important point than the book's content. That is a pity, since it is an excellent book about an interesting time - that is, Vietnam as the French were exiting and America was beginning to go in (before the troops actually were there). I didn't like the reader either - from his bad American accent (and his possibly bad Vietnamese accent, I wouldn't about that), to his very quick, monotone voice. However, if I am rating the book itself, I would strongly recommend it.

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Jim M

I knew the American accent would be bad, but I still wasn't prepared for how bad it was. Alden Pyle is a Harvard grad who grew up in Boston. I don't think the narrator has the foggiest idea of what that means.

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