Race in America 101: The Essential Audio Course on Race, Ethnicity, Discrimination, and Inequality

Written by:
Alicia Simmons
Narrated by:
Alicia Simmons
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
7 hours 1 minute
Join an expert on the intersections of media, race, and politics to understand and unravel our nation's current racial realities using the tools of social science.
1 in 5 Americans name race relations the most important problem facing the country. In this revelatory 15-lecture audio course, you'll learn how social science can help you understand the attitudes, actions, and outcomes associated with race in America. Your guide, acclaimed Colgate University sociology professor Alicia Simmons, shows you how social scientists interpret various problems associated with race in the contemporary US.
You'll explore racial stratification, the causes and consequences of inequality, and the intersection of race and criminal justice in the United States. In particular, you'll address how social forces have contributed to the disproportionate incarceration of Black people. Last, a section on #BlackLivesMatter describes what a post-racial nation might look like, and how we might do the daily work needed to bring it to life.
Throughout, Prof. Simmons encourages you to investigate the influence of race in the social life of your communities. In the process, you'll discover the degree to which social forces impact the world right outside your front door.
This is a must-have course for parents, teachers and all those who wish to understand the science behind some of the biggest issues of our times. 

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If you like statistics you will like this book/set of lectures. She glides over them fairly well if you don't, but they are quite important. I found it a bit strange the Native American race was hardly mentioned. Health care had quite alot of key things missing, like the fact there are little or no pictures of black skin (with ailments) in medical books that the Doctors learn from so they are less likely to spot them on non white skin! If your interested on this and so much more I highly recommend a great Pod cast from a British medical student called 'The Bias Diagnosis' - big eye opener for me. over all well worth a listen, and plenty of further info/websites/books,etc... were given to further your knowledge.

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