Rain Gods: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2009
15 hours 47 minutes
“America’s best novelist” (The Denver Post) brings back one of his most fascinating characters—Texas sheriff Hackberry Holland, cousin to lawman Billy Bob Holland—in this heart-pounding bestseller.

In a heat-cracked border town, the bodies of nine illegal aliens—women and girls, killed execution-style—are unearthed in a shallow grave. Haunted by a past he can’t shake and his own private demons, Hack attempts to untangle the grisly case, which may lead to more bloodshed. Damaged young Iraq vet Pete Flores, who saw too much before fleeing the crime scene, and his girlfriend, Vikki Gaddis, are running for their lives. Sorting through the lowlifes who are hunting down Pete, and with Preacher Jack Collins, a Godfearing serial killer for hire, in the mix, Hack is caught up in a terrifying race for survival—for Pete, Vikki, and himself.
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Adrian Nalwalker

Burke is a master. Hackberry Holland is an intriguing mix of tenacity and introspection, tragedy and hope. The narration really shines and you feel the presence of southeast Texas as you listen to the story. Will Patton's narration is second to none.

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Burke is back on top in thjis western type mystery thriller. Cleat plays a HUGE part in this and its even better with Cleat in it.

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There is far too much detail in this book, including ramblings that appear to have nothing to do with the story line. What makes that more complicated and frustrating is that there are a large number of characters to keep straight, and the relationships among the characters are never adequately explained. Found myself very thankful when this book finally ended.

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Good story, but could have done with much less personal musings. . .

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James Lee Burke will keep you glued to this book, as always. He has a way of creating an image in your mind that takes you right in the middle of of the old cajun south. I couldn't put the book down,,, just like all the rest of his books. And I have read everything he has written. But the key to enjoying his books is the narrator Will Patton, who's voice and dialect are as much a part of the book and the characters and scenes he is describing. I'm like a little kid passing an ice cream truck when I see that there is a new Burke/Patton release. ,,,,, wish there were more,,,

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