Rashomon Gate

Written by:
I.J. Parker
Narrated by:
Roy Vongtama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2008
13 hours 59 minutes
A riveting historical mystery set amid the exquisite ritual and refined treachery of eleventh-century Japan.

Sugawara Akitada is the son of impoverished nobility toiling at a low-level job in the Ministry of Justice. When an old friend, Professor Hirata, asks him to investigate a colleague’s blackmail, Akitada takes leave of his stultifying job for a temporary post at the Imperial University. There he finds gossip and rivalry abounding. A young girl is murdered. An old man mysteriously vanishes, and the Emperor declares it a miracle. Plunging into a labyrinth of conspiracy among the court’s most esteemed nobles, Akitada must step carefully while gathering clues to the puzzle before him.

A fascinating investigative procedural . . . goes down as smooth as a cup of sake with an appropriately powerful kick in the end.”–San Francisco Chronicle
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Jill W

Just too difficult to get into. Narrator miss pronounced Japanese words.

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