Written by:
Dakota Krout
Narrated by:
Luke Daniels

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
10 hours 28 minutes
Humanity on the run. Desperate base building. Dark deeds done during daylight.

Joe has started to draw attention to himself and his abilities. While some of the attention is good and allows for personal growth, most of it is from various organizations that feel threatened by the sudden upswing of power that Joe's guild-The Wanderers-are attaining.

As the threat to earth begins to reach its peak, all of humanity has a choice: flee to Eternium, or stay for an uncertain future. Some stay, some go, some don't make the choice quickly enough. In Ardania, the human Kingdom is seeing an unprecedented influx of people. Supply and demand is an issue no matter where you go, as a civilization of a few million can't prepare to accept an eighth of Earth's inhabitants at once.

Joe sets out to solve problems where he can, but he can't be there for everyone . . . especially when a group of smiling enforcers are working to bring him down.
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Jshoke W.

I started this doubtfully. I mean where is book 3!!? However this book picks up just after book 2 with book 3 as a sidequest book. Not critical info to listen to book 4. I was also doubtful of Luke Daniels being able to compliment Vikash from the other books. Again however, it was fine. Luke even keeps the same basic language backgrounds for each character. Book 4 seemed a bit short, but was still worth listening to.

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Same great story. New mediocre narrator

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Johnny Bristow

Wow really good and entertaining. She makes me think along a smarter line in my own gaming adventure. Fantastic information and delivery very beleavable. Will read more from Miss Krout if and when published. Thank you P.S. Narrarator good as well.

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Daniel G.

awesome book awesome series I had so much fun Listen to this series

This title is due for release on November 12, 2019.

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This title is due for release on November 12, 2019
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