Ready on Set Drama

Ready on Set Drama

Written by:
Maisie Dean
Narrated by:
Marie Hoffman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
3 hours 52 minutes
Kacey Chance said goodbye to her actress dreams to become a private investigator, but now her work is sending her straight into the heart of Hollywood.

Her new assignment takes her undercover, working as a personal assistant to a handsome actor. Someone is trying to destroy his career, and it's up to Kacey to find out who, and why.

Being on set is every bit as fun as Kacey imagined. The case seems easy enough, until she hits a moral dilemma. Exactly how far should an investigator go to discover the truth? Kacey doesn't want to ruin anyone's life, and yet, she finds herself holding secrets that could destroy careers.

Back at the office, the Booker brothers have their own unique approaches to handling delicate secrets. Of course. And then there's Tippy Booker, the supposedly 'retired' matriarch of the family, who's always around to drink coffee, look glamorous, and dispense her cynical advice.

Kacey and the Booker family race against time to unravel the twisted mystery of the Ready On Set Drama.

There are plenty of laughs and tons of twists in this feel-good cozy mystery from author Maisie Dean!
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