Written by:
Andrea Tang
Narrated by:
Emily Woo Zeller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
11 hours 30 minutes
'Mixing everything that's best about dragons, dystopia, and generational conflict, Tang delivers a high flying debut that pulls no punches.' --E.K. Johnston, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Things just got weird for Prudence Wu.

One minute, she's cashing in on a routine smuggling deal. The next, she's escaping enforcers on the wings of what very much appears to be a sentient cybernetic dragon.

Pru is used to life throwing her some unpleasant surprises--she goes to prep school, after all, and selling banned media across the border in a country with a ruthless corporate government obviously has its risks. But a cybernetic dragon? That's new.

She tries to forget about the fact that the only reason she's not in jail is because some sort of robot saved her, and that she's going to have to get a new side job now that enforcers are on to her. So she's not exactly thrilled when Rebelwing shows up again.

Even worse, it's become increasingly clear that the rogue machine has imprinted on her permanently, which means she'd better figure out this whole piloting-a-dragon thing--fast. Because Rebelwing just happens to be the ridiculously expensive weapon her government needs in a brewing war with its neighbor, and Pru's the only one who can fly it.

Set in a wonderfully inventive near-future Washington, D.C., this hilarious, defiant debut sparkles with wit and wisdom, deftly exploring media consumption, personal freedoms, and the weight of one life as Pru, rather reluctantly, takes to the skies.
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Best dystopian novel I’ve ever read way better than the hunger games and way more real all of the Characters are great Pru is such a great character and I love her relationship with Alex and the bond formed between them The dragon is awesome and the world building is fantastic and The storyline in this novel really hits home The UCC is basically a fascist capitalist oligarchy and It’s extreme forms of censorship and the way they took over most of the continent is really terrifying The UCC is just as terrifying as the government’s in 1984 and the Handmaids tale the novel really criticizes runaway capitalism imperialism and fascism and the sad thing is that The world in Rebelwing is what our own world is quickly becoming I can definitely see the North American continent in real life becoming the capitalist oligarchy seen in Rebelwing The ending was bittersweet but still left hope for the future I will definitely be reading the sequel and I hope there will be many more books to come in the world of Rebelwing Highly recommended

This title is due for release on February 25, 2020.

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This title is due for release on February 25, 2020
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