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The Red Queen: A Novel

Abridged / Go to Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Philippa Gregory

Narrated By: Bianca Amato

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: August 2010

Duration: 6 hours 8 minutes


The second book in The Cousins’ War series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory, The Red Queen moves to the Lancaster side, in a story of a determined woman who believes she is destined to shape the course of history.

Believing that her piety and lineage has destined her for greatness beyond her ordinary looks and expedient marriage, Margaret Beaufort is determined to see her son Henry on the throne of England—regardless of the cost. And after constant battles kill any other claimants, the little boy is the last Lancaster male to bear a claim to the throne.

Sending her son out of the country to keep him safe and betrothing him to her enemy Queen Elizabeth Woodville’s daughter, Margaret feigns loyalty to King Richard III and marries one of his faithful supporters—all while laying secret plans for the battle between the houses of York and Lancaster that will see her son the King of England.

When King Richard’s only son dies, Margaret launches her plan with a deadly command that strikes to the heart of the White Queen. Henry Tudor invades from France and with the support of Margaret’s husband, defeats the King’s army, gaining the throne and sealing his marriage to the White Rose princess. The ultimate triumph belongs to Lady Margaret; she has founded the greatest dynasty that England will ever know: the Tudors.


  • Disappointed Reader

    I usually like Philippa Gregory novels. This is the first time I've been disappointed. Not only was the change in narrators for two sections of the book very disconcerting, the male reader was annoying. My major complaint, though, concerns the main character. By the middle of the novel, I wanted to just slap her silly and tell her to shut up and sit down. She made all these professions of faith and of "knowing" her son was to be King, but then said or did the most stupid things that contradicted everything she said she believed in. But most of all, I just found Margaret to be so pathetic as a character that I was almost hoping Henry never made it to the throne.

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  • Vicky W.

    This was a difficult book to read because you just cannot like this woman. Yes, she was strong, yes, determined. Totally nuts. Religious but, Thomas Stanley( also not likeable) had the cynical view of religion that fit right in the time .

  • Carmel S.

    This was a tough read, Gregory's seething anti-Tudor hatred has been evident in her other books, and her it comes through to make this character really unlikeable. Why write about someone you clearly dislike? Margaret Beaufort was a far more interesting person than the caricature Gregory has created here. As usual, Amato's narration is flawless on these books but the book itself is not worthy.

  • Michelle M

    Philippa Gregory always does a wonderful job with details.

  • Anonymous

    girl is a pretentious b****! but an interesting read as the main character is an antihero, except that you really never like her. interesting read when you compare it to the white queen and hear things from differing perspectives. not my favorite philipa gregory book, but still good. bet it is a better read than listen though, thus the 4 stars...

  • Shelley McKinney

    Book is great. Audiobook not so. Skipped portions and pages

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed this book it made me curious about English monarchy and its history..Great story

  • Ziggie

    I love how this book made the hisotory of the English War of Roses era come to life. Not that I've ever heard of the era before listening to this book. (-: But I was so intrigued by the characters I went on line and further researched the historical accounts, and sure enough, Phillipa Gregory provided a very accurate account of what happened. Love listening to books that entertain AND teach at the same time. Fascinating!

  • Paperback Reader

    Love the history of Old England. Great listen..many details of political intrigue.

  • Nancy Brumback

    2 1/2 stars is good for this, for the author did create some engagement with her characters and her story. But I could not finish it because she is a whiner! Yes, I realize that some of her experiences and her being "done to" all her life would be hard to take, but find something positive in there somewhere! I just couldn't listen to the nonstop whining anymore!

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