Red Serpent: The Falsifier

Written by:
Delson Armstrong
Narrated by:
Laura Stahl , Kyle McCarley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2010
7 hours 53 minutes
In the far future, the last free humans have fled to a massive space station in Earth's orbit. On the planet below lurk their oppressors: a race of vampires who seek to breed and harvest them like animals. Orphaned as a child, Alex grows to manhood in the shadow of his legendary father who united the scattered remnants of humanity. But as he takes up his father's banner, he uncovers a frightening secret about himself: he is the Falsifier, fated to bring down the Vampire Empire. As he struggles with his destiny, the vampires abduct him in a surprise raid. With humanity's survival at stake, Alex must find'and fight'his way back and take his place in history.
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