Reginald J Wolf Wins the Race Against Time

Written by:
William Vandyck
Narrated by:
Bill Oddie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
0 hours 17 minutes
Reginald J Wolf can't tell the time, so he seeks the help of some pigs and in return he promises to stop telling bacon jokes! This is an extremely entertaining (and educational!) vocal performance by the fantastic Bill Oddie- your children will be telling the time in no time at all!

William Edgar "Bill" Oddie, OBE is an English writer, musician, comedian, artists, presenter and actor, among other things... Oddie has been a bird watcher since childhood and has since established a reputation as an ornithologist and conservationist and has even presented wildlife programmes for the BBC, which include: Springwatch/Autumnwatch, Bill Oddie Goes Wild, Wild In Your Garden, Birding with Bill Oddie, Britain Goes Wild with Bill Oddie and How to Watch Wildlife.
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