Regions of the U.S. Series: (8 lectures)

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Eugene Lieber

Narrated By: Eugene Lieber

Publisher: IAB Inc.

Date: June 2006

Duration: 0 hours 45 minutes


Regions of the U.S. Series

North, Part 1: Selected theme: How is capitalism combined with religion a dominant factor in the northeast colonies from the very beginning period of this country?

North, Part 2: Selected theme: What is the economic basis for the increasing antagonism between the North and the South in the pre-Civil War period?

South, Part 1: Selected theme: Why, other than moral differences, does slavery develop mainly in the South rather than in the North, and what mythology does the master class of the South develop about itself?

South, Part 2: Selected theme: What are the differences among the abolitionists in their views of what is to become of the ex-slaves after the Civil War?

South, Part 3: Selected theme: How does romanticizing the pre-Civil War South, the image of “Lost Cause,” and perpetuation of racial values after Reconstruction, impact on future political forces in the U.S. through the 20th century?

Midwest: Selected theme: How does the Erie Canal change U.S. history in terms of the economic link of the Midwest to the South, and the impact of this change on the Civil War?

West, Part 1: Selected theme: Contrary to popular myths, what is the surprising diversity of Native Americans in the West?

West, Part 2: Selected theme: What is the reason the Great Plains farmers in the West are in a form of economic depression starting back in about 1921, and so are hit especially hard by the Great Depression of the 1930s?

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Regions of the U.S. Series: (8 lectures)

by Eugene Lieber

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Regions of the U.S. Series: (8 lectures), Eugene Lieber