Regions of the World Series: (6 lectures)

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Eugene Lieber

Narrated By: Eugene Lieber

Publisher: IAB Inc.

Date: June 2006

Duration: 0 hours 45 minutes


Regions of the World Series

East Asia, Part 1. Selected theme: What is the nature of Filipino resistance to American control after the Spanish-American War that is put down brutally by America?

East Asia, Part 2. Selected theme: What is the evidence that the Korean War was a civil war and that Russia were not behind it.?

Latin America, Part 1. Selected theme: Although lacking machines or animals to move materials, why is it believed that pre-Colombian Mayans from 200-900 A.D. built their pyramids without knowledge of Egyptian pyramids?

Latin America, Part 2. Selected theme: During FDR's "New Deal," the U.S. "Good Neighbor" policy but is more rhetoric than reality, with a continuation of "gunboat diplomacy."

Middle East. Selected theme: What is the nature of U.S. support for Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan in the context of the Cold War?

Sub-Sahara Africa. Selected theme: What is Sub-Sahara’s social structure before modern European imperialism?

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