Relationships, Core Healing: A Guided Meditation

Relationships, Core Healing: A Guided Meditation

Written by:
Zorica Gojkovic, Phd
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
0 hours 33 minutes
Relationships, Core Healing is a powerful guided meditation designed to help you heal your deepest relationship wounds and move you toward living in joy, love, peace and abundance.

Use this guided meditation only if you are very experienced in self-healing.

The guided meditation works with the definition of reality where:

1. All time and space exist as one in the eternal present.

2. Everything is energy.

Healing is achieved by changing energy in your aura. Since time and space are one in the eternal present, healing at any time, changes “reality” in all times.

You will be asked to remember childhood incidences as a way to change energy in your aura, heal those core issues and thereby change your present reality.

Each time you listen, you will go deeper, uncover more unconscious material and have more insights and realizations. At a certain point, something will click and you will have healing.

Healing is when you no longer have an issue with your difficult person. You are no longer triggered. You can make decisions based on the situation is it really is, instead of through your childhood patterning.

Dawn McLelland’s comforting, nurturing voice will guide you to your healing along with the gorgeous music of Thaddeus.

The guided meditation is about 24 minutes with 5 minutes of just music at the end.

Headphones are recommended.
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