The Reluctant Billionaire

The Reluctant Billionaire

Written by:
Caitlyn Lynch
Narrated by:
Catherine Bilson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
2 hours 24 minutes
Sunfish Island Resort seems like the perfect place for Jace Hunter to recover from a serious illness… as long as nobody figures out his family owns the island.

Meeting Nessa, a psychiatrist turned bartender, Jace comes to realize that maybe the society life he’s been living isn’t where his future happiness lies.

Tempted to pour him some iced water, she asked instead, “Virgin?”

Jace blinked in surprise. “It’s been a while, but no, I’m not.”

The bartender threw her head back and laughed. She was pretty, Jace had noticed that right off: her skin a rich dark bronze with black hair falling to her waist in a mass of tiny braids. When she laughed, she was really beautiful, dimples appearing in her cheeks, light amber-brown eyes flashing with mirth.

“I was asking if you want a hard or a soft drink. Alcoholic, or not,” she said through girlish giggles.

Author's Note: While the Island Escapes books all take place on the same resort island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef and a number of characters recur in several books, each story is a complete standalone romance with a guaranteed happily ever after for the featured couple!
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