Reluctant Warrior: A Marine's True Story of Duty and Heroism in Vietnam

Written by:
Michael C. Hodgins
Narrated by:
John McLain

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2018
12 hours 43 minutes
By the spring of 1970, American troops were ordered to pull out of Vietnam. The Marines of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel 'Wild Bill' Drumright, were assigned to cover the withdrawal of 1st Marine Division. The Marines of 1st RECON Bn operated in teams of six or seven men. Heavily armed, the teams fought a multitude of bitter engagements with a numerically superior and increasingly aggressive enemy.

Michael C. Hodgins served in Company C, 1st RECON Bn (Rein), as a platoon leader. In powerful, graphic prose, he chronicles his experience as a patrol leader in myriad combat situations-from hasty ambush to emergency extraction to prisoner snatch to combined-arms ambush . . .
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