Renegade Mystic: The Pursuit of Spiritual Freedom Through Consciousness Exploration

Renegade Mystic: The Pursuit of Spiritual Freedom Through Consciousness Exploration

Written by:
Sean Mcnamara
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
10 hours 13 minutes
This is the spiritual explorer's guide for the 21st century. Listeners interested in Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing, Psychokinesis (aka Telekinesis), Energy Healing, Mediumship and contact with UFOs will gain tremendous insights and practice tips by listening to this audiobook. Those who have struggled with abusive spiritual teachers and high-demand groups will gain insights, and hopefully find support, by hearing the author's experience with these issues as well. Learn how he reclaimed his power, and how you can too.

Part One is the spiritual memoir of Sean McNamara, meditation teacher and consciousness explorer. In this groundbreaking work, he reveals his core psychological drives and the events of his life which caused him to question everything and look into the deeper nature of reality. Follow him on his travels around the world, and learn about his experiences, good and bad, while under the tutelage of various teachers. By the end, he shares intimate experiences he never revealed publicly before this publication.

Part Two includes essays which go even deeper into specific topics.

Part Three includes step-by-step instructions for having Lucid Dreams and Out of Body Experiences.

Finally, this audiobook will help the reader prepare for when it's time to cross over, as much as it will prepare them to engage a deeper part of life now, in this world. Intelligent, entertaining, inspiring, emotional, provocative, and educational. This audiobook is not only about the author's personal quest, it's about yours. The audiobook comes with a companion website which includes the original versions of the paperback’s photos and artwork, and video links. The web address is found in the attached PDF (supplemental material).
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