Rescued by the Love of a Real One

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
4 hours 18 minutes
Michelle is a struggling single mother, but with all things considered, she is making it. Accepting her responsibility as such makes it easier to deal with the sub-par help she gets from the father of her child. Working as a paramedic, she loves her job and her son. It only takes one call while on duty to change not only her outlook on things but, her life as a whole.

Ty’Kym is not a man looking for anything with a woman that involves a conversation or even a return phone call. His mind is on one thing, and that’s money, his aura screamed it, and his attitude claimed it. The night his life was on the line gave him a new mission in life that was just as important as getting money. His mission is to rescue Michelle from all the problems in her life even she doesn’t know that she needs it.

Michelle and Ty’Kym are two opposites with chemistry and mystery pulling them together. Their ride will give you a first-hand look at how fate can intervene at any time in your life to show you the difference between living and being alive.
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