Resonating Mantras: Make the universe dance to your chant!

Resonating Mantras: Make the universe dance to your chant!

Written by:
Rinzen Joye
Narrated by:
Rinzen Joye
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
1 hour 51 minutes
These are no ordinary mantras! These are mantras that will help you manifest your desires! 

Sound is the primal source of energy. Its power and effects have been widely studied in the scientific community.

For instance, do you feel uplifted when you sing? There’s a reason for that—we tap into the Vitality Zone when we are in this state.

The ancients have always known how to chant and recite mantras in ways that reach the higher dimensions

that gift them the means to create the preferred reality they've dreamt into being,

to heal, and align their energies with higher states of being so what they create is for the highest good of all. 

You can manifest your desires with ease by overriding the dichotomy that stops you creating the Resonation Realm you need

to tap into the Mystical Zones, using this ancient tool with a new set of rules.

This book will explain all the benefits and usage of this ancient tool, how it’s linked to quantum physics,

and how we can draw from the universal energies to create our deepest intentions.

Resonating Mantras will inspire you to sing what you want to the universe, enabling you to chant your dreams into being. It will provide you with necessary information on tones and frequency and how to utilise different sounds to open energetic gateways within you that align to your preferred state of being and reality. 
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