The Return

Written by:
Lone Theils
Narrated by:
Natalie Simpson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
9 hours 30 minutes
As a young and newly qualified detective, Superintendent Signe Brask is put on the case of 10-year-old Mille who has disappeared without a trace during a family trip. Despite a vigorous search, the girl is never found. Ten years later, a young woman shows up in Copenhagen claiming to be Mille. The family welcomes her home, but where has she been for 10 years? When Signe goes to close the case, she makes some unexpected discoveries. And that's exactly when the family is hit by a new tragedy....
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Gripping story, didn’t want to stop listening.

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Mark Pout

bit of a slow start but warms up nicely.. glad I persevered.

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Good mystery. Ending was a little predictable.

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Dietmar B.

To call the 20 year old woman girl is so off-putting. To make one believe that the police would deliver a woman as the missing girl without first checking for facts is just too far removed from reality for me to enjoy.

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Rachel K.

great book and great narrerator! keeps you wanting more after every chapter. I had guessed the ending a little early but excited to read the next book!

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Benny G.

The story was interesting even though it was very emotional, so beware if you listen to it. I enjoyed it but in some sense was predictable.

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Leigh E.

Predictable but enjoyable.

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Patricia S.

This book was great! Narrator was excellent and I didn’t get much housework done. Lol

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Not a fan of LGBTetc love stories, but otherwise the plot was good. The narrator was great!

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Marie P.

Fun book as it kept moving. I thought I'd figured it out! Nope. Good cliffhanger for #3

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Molly G.

Good book. Good read. Ends different than you would expect from first part of story. Probably not for everyone, it is exploitative and unfortunately true to life.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this book, couldn’t stop listening and have already got the second book in the series. The ending was a little predictable but it didn’t spoil the book.

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Flora Zobl

Gripping story and completely unforeseeable ending! Very good!

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This is a fantastic read, I was hooked early in and was excited to find out what would unfold next. I keep recommending it to friends!

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Michelle H.

Loved the book. So many twists and turns - and they were done so well! Please bring more books from this author!

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Loved the twists and turns of this addictive story! Would recommend!

Terrific story. Sometimes I couldn’t stop listening ‼️

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Yunila E.

The story was quite suspenseful, and the narrator did a great job keeping me engaged.

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Mary E.

I really liked it! I couldn’t stop listening. I thought I figured it out early on but was mistaken. It had some good twists and turns.

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Sandra Ann Birch

The narration was very good, the story was easy to listen to but a bit too obvious with the detective being very slow to reach conclusions.

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Enjoyed the read so much I went to my next book by the same author.

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Nancy E.

It started off a bit slow but wow did it heat up! It’s a bit uncomfortable at times but I guessed the ending early on. Overall it’s fine, not great.

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Jeffrey M.

The book was too dark for me. Sometimes the Chief of Police was too much on the negative, pushing a frustration onto the reader. The narrator was very good. She made the book.

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