The Ringworld Engineers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2011
13 hours 10 minutes
It’s been twenty years since the quixotic and worlds-weary Louis Wu discovered the Ringworld. Now he and Speaker-to-Animals are going back, captives of the Hindmost, a deposed puppeteer leader.

With Louis’ help, the Hindmost intends to regain his status by bringing back such extraordinary treasures from the Ringworld that his fellow puppeteers will have to be impressed. But when they arrive, Louis discovers that the Ringworld is no longer stable—and will destroy itself within months. To survive, he must locate the control center of the legendary engineers who built the planet.

His quest becomes a wild and gripping venture blended with the mysteries and spectacular technologies that only Larry Niven can conjure.
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Luke Goodman

Excellent book, it takes an author with guts to write a story like this.

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Kate O.

Not as good as the classic Ringworld, but still lots of fun, and the narrator does a wonderful job of portraying Niven's quirky characters.

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