Room for Doubt: How Uncertainty Can Deepen Your Faith

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Ben Young

Narrated By: Ben Young

Publisher: Oasis Audio

Date: September 2017

Duration: 4 hours 57 minutes


Many people have questions about faith. Ben Young knows what it's like to feel as if you're alone in your doubts. In Room for Doubt, Ben offers:

- An honest look at hard questions about God, the Bible, and faith
- Examples of spiritual giants in Scripture and history who doubted
- Insight into how to process uncertainty, suffering, and disappointment with God
- Clarity on the difference between uncertainty and mystery
- Encouragement about how doubt and faith go together

Ben invites you to let doubt become your ally, rather than your enemy. Discover how your questions can lead to a deeper, richer faith.


  • Jessie S

    Fantastic book by Ben Young. Thank you for writing such a raw and real book on this subject. As a man battling addiction I often wrestle with whether I'm just exerting energy or if He really is there. There is so much to chew on with this book I'm going to listen to it a few times. I love the phrase used "the moon is round"