Rosie And The Angels

Written by:
Ann Tudor
Narrated by:
Ann Tudor

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2008
1 hour 15 minutes
This original audio program offers seven tales of near-disaster, reminders that youth, strange circumstances, or a moment of stupidity can lead to catastrophe. And yet Rosie evades the frightening consequences of her foolishness and continues, unscathed, on her journey. Rosie's beautifully narrated adventures will linger in your imagination. In every situation, Rosie has a close encounter with disaster. Some of the stories hinge on a faulty vehicle ('Midnight Breakdown'), some involve a faulty driver ('Young Drivers'), and some show Rosie using faulty judgment (Hawaiian Angels). In retrospect, even Rosie would have to admit that she had great luck'or was it angelic intervention? May we all be as lucky as Rosie, or may our own angels be as competent and obliging as Rosie's. The humour and warmth of these beguiling stories make this an ideal CD for the spoken-word market.
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