Written By: Kylie Gilmore

Narrated By: Stephanie Wyles, Troy Duran

Date: November 2019

Duration: 6 hours 43 minutes



I am the crown prince of Villroy, heir to a kingdom, bound by duty to marry and produce an heir.

I expected a quiet arrangement through royal channels, instead I got a palace full of women vying for my hand. This undignified circus is beneath a man of my stature! Proof being that a saucy, ill-mannered woman wearing body-hugging clothes is in the lead. I could never love someone like that, let alone marry her.


The plan sounded simple. I pose as my friend, pick up her inheritance, and return with the cash to keep her out of jail.

So, yeah, I'm not exactly royal. I'm an orphan, a self-made woman, and proud of it. Suddenly I'm in a battle royale with a bunch of crazy competitive women for riches beyond our dreams. I'm in a time crunch, which means I need to win this competition fast. Only, that means winning over the judge; the smoldering hot grim-faced Gabriel. And now I find myself wanting to compete for more than just the money. But could a royal prince ever fall for a commoner like me?

Contains mature themes.


  • Nicole W.

    I enjoyed everything about this audiobook! The narrator, Stephanie Wyles did a wonderful narration, and the Author, Kylie Gilmore writes a fun, very enjoyable storyline! The characters and humor were great! I loved this and would absolutely recommend it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Liz T.

    I adore this book in any form but it really was a lot of fun to listen to.

  • MJ

    I loved Gabriel and Anna. Anna’s character was fresh and fun. Anyone who reads this book will fall in love with all of the characters, especially Anna. Gabriel is so lucky to have her in his life.

  • Isha Coleman

    There's a fine line between fantastically, funny and realistically, wise. Gilmore walks it like a pro. Royal Catch uses humor and heart to tackle sexism in an insightful, delightful and always entertaining way. Gabriel and Anna blend over the top fantasy with modern fairytale and witty dialogue, to create irresistible romance. Duran and Wyles give life to an already  lovable duo that quickly laid claim to my heart Gilmore proves how talented she really is by using laughter to deliver a powerful message.

  • Coral M.

    If you enjoy reality shows, this is for you. Royal Reality, and the winner takes all. The princesses are catty and petty, and the queen has an agenda. I loved the small moments of interaction without all the circus. The male narrator was great. The female narrator felt slower paced.

  • Quinn F.

    I originally read this as an ebook and just loved it. Gabriel and Anna have chemistry from the first moment she walks into the palace. They know they can't be together, but they can't stay away. I loved that! It's hard to describe the rest of the story. It's kind of a reality show-fairy tale-royalty romance mash-up. Hard to describe but it definitely works. So I was thrilled that it was going to be an audiobook and I could hear it performed. I loved the narrators. They brought so much to an already terrific book.

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by Kylie Gilmore

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Royal Catch, Kylie Gilmore
Royal Catch, Kylie Gilmore
This title is due for release on November 19, 2019.

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Royal Catch, Kylie Gilmore
This title is due for release on November 19, 2019
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Royal Catch, Kylie Gilmore
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Royal Catch, Kylie Gilmore

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