Royal Hottie

Written by:
Kylie Gilmore
Narrated by:
Troy Duran , Stephanie Wyles

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2019
6 hours 4 minutes

I never expected to be the prime target of a bachelor auction, compliments of my outrageous sister-in-law, the new queen. I don't care if the internet has turned me into a royal hottie meme, I am not a piece of meat. So when the first eager single woman arrives at the palace, I send her packing. Only the damn woman refuses to leave.


Why would I want to buy a date with an arrogant rude prince? I'm here to do a job, which I desperately need, and no delusional prince is going to stand in my way. Obviously, the 'royal hottie' believes the hype.

So how did I end up winning the top prize in a royal bachelor auction, and what will I do with him? I can't let myself fall for a playboy. Besides, we're heading in opposite directions. He's going on an international tour for a year or more, and I absolutely have to get back to the US. Only this prince is used to getting what he wants, and now he wants me.

Contains mature themes.
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Phillip and Ruby are as hot as the title of this book. I love how they compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Ruby brings Phillip back to feeling love for someone other than himself. And Phillip helps Ruby realize, without knowing it himself, that it’s alright to take a chance on love again too. What really made me love both of these two, was the comical antics that happened throughout this story. And the surprise ending was awesome.

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Isha Coleman

Ruby and Phillip are delicious together. The chemistry is off the charts. Their banter is a cross between foreplay and frustration. Kylie Gilmore lays her cards all on the table and walks away with the winning hand. Royal Hottie is a sexy, sassy, tasty ball of fire. Fun, flirty and fabulous.

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Coral M.

I was glad Phillip was more than the playboy, even though he continued to act like one. Ruby is independent but falls apart dramatically after a relationship ends. I wish Philip's groveling included actual groveling, it was glossed over quickly.

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Quinn F.

I've wanted to read Phillip's story since he first appeared as a secondary character in An Inconvenient Plan. He was charming and smart and gave Josh some competition when I didn't think anyone could. Now it's his chance for an HEA, but Ruby is going to make him work for it. I don't want to give away any surprises, but I was impressed by the depth here. Phillip has been doing a great imitation of the classic international playboy prince, but now he wants more. I really enjoyed the glimpses into his efforts to make the world a better place. I got really mad at him at one point and wondered how he could say some things. Then I thought about it and realized that it was consistent with his priorities, just not expressed appropriately. Fortunately, Anna sets him straight, and he does make things right. Ruby is terrific. She is in a tough place in life and doesn't have as many choices as Phillip has. I thought she was gutsy and smart. She is definitely the kind of friend I would like to have. Ruby sees the real Phillip and doesn't back down when things get tough. I thought the book was very romantic when I read it the first time. The narrators make it even better. I love the accent that Troy Duran uses, and Stephanie Wyles does a great job conveying Ruby's inner conflict.

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