The Royal Treatment

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
8 hours 57 minutes
For fans of Bridget Jones and The Princess Diaries comes a laugh-out-loud, feel-good comedy with a sizzling side of romance . . .

Ultra-private, ridiculously handsome Crown Prince Arthur has always gotten by on his charm. But that won't be enough now that the Royal Family is about to be ousted from power once and for all. When Prince Arthur has to rely on the one woman in the kingdom who hates him most, he must learn that earning the love of a nation means first risking his heart.

Twenty-eight-year-old Tessa Sharpe, a.k.a. The Royal Watchdog, hates everything about Prince Arthur. As far as she's concerned, he's an arrogant, lazy leech on the kingdom of Avonia. When he shocks the nation by giving her the keys to the castle, Tessa has no choice but to accept and move in for two months. It's lust at first sight, but there's no way she can give in to her feelings-not if she wants to have a career or a shred of pride left when her time at the palace ends . . .

Can two natural enemies find their forever in each other's arms, or will they ruin each other to save themselves?

Contains mature themes.
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Ashante Williams

Omg… this book … let's just say there's a reason that it took me several days to listen to a nine hour book. It was so boring and not even remotely funny. I couldn't even classify this as a slow burn. The were a couple of funny moments but I expect more from romantic comedies. The story did get better towards the end but not enough for me to put myself through another nine hours of listening to the next book. Now the female narrator was good. However, the male narrator… he sounds like Dudley Moore playing a very inebriated Arthur Bach in the 1981 title movie, which only got worse when he "voiced" the female characters. It was like nails on a chalkboard. Also, the book felt so much like a cross between the telling of Princess Diana's story, and ALL HALLMARK movies that involves royalty. I kept saying "haven't I heard this before?"

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I couldn’t finish

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Good book great romance

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enjoyed the story and the narrator is good.

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The writing is witty and funny but I keep getting irritated with the main character. She is supposed to be smart, yet her actions don’t show that. The female voice is good, though I sometimes drifted off in sleep. Cannot give a good rating for the male voice. The attempts to switch the voice to female characters sounds as if the reader was making fun of them. He should just have kept his voice normal. The breaks are confusing, many times not given enough time to make a scene change clear. Much of the books wit gets lost through the audio. It’s one of the rare occasions we’re I’d much prefer reading the book than to listen to it.

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Julie G.

LOVED everything about this book. Felt just like I was watching (listening!) to a hallmark movie! Narrators were both excellent. Can't wait to read the next one!

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Vicky A.

Fun, entertaining and flowed smoothly!!

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