Written By: Dustin Thomason, Ian Caldwell

Narrated By: Jeff Woodman

Date: September 2004

Duration: 12 hours 54 minutes


A mysterious coded manuscript, a violent Ivy League murder, and the secrets of a Renaissance prince collide in a labyrinth of betrayal, madness, and genius.
Princeton. Good Friday, 1999. On the eve of graduation, two students are a hairsbreadth from solving the mysteries of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. Famous for its hypnotic power over those who study it, the five-hundred-year-old Hypnerotomachia may finally reveal its secrets -- to Tom Sullivan, whose father was obsessed with the book, and Paul Harris, whose future depends on it. As the deadline looms, research has stalled -- until an ancient diary surfaces. What Tom and Paul discover inside shocks even them: proof that the location of a hidden crypt has been ciphered within the pages of the obscure Renaissance text.
Armed with this final clue, the two friends delve into the bizarre world of the Hypnerotomachia -- a world of forgotten erudition, strange sexual appetites, and terrible violence. But just as they begin to realize the magnitude of their discovery, Princeton's snowy campus is rocked: a longtime student of the book is murdered, shot dead in the hushed halls of the history department.
A tale of timeless intrigue, dazzling scholarship, and great imaginative power, The Rule of Four is the story of a young man divided between the future's promise and the past's allure, guided only by friendship and love.


  • Darrick J.

    The book was a slow listen. Cut it in half and would of been a decent book.

  • Chris Wiskerchen

    I liked the book as it was an interesting subject. The narrator did a fine job of reading the book. However, I could have done without hearing him swallow every two minutes. That was very disruptive, and just weird.

  • mcliz1

    It's really long, and didn't need to be. It actually would have been a great read if about half of it were cut out!

  • Anonymous

    This book is carefully and intelligently written but for so little reason;the point is lost on me. Dont bother!!!

  • Anonymous

    The plot was interesting enough that I wanted to keep listening. But so padded--attempting to develop two dimensional characters, describing anything from a snowflake on a tuxedo to sandwich board "Wet Floor" sign or philosophying about a tree in a field--that I had to listen to it while doing something else (cleaning, cooking, etc.)or I would've given up on it. The Rule of Four was like the little girl with the curl on her forehead. When good, it was very good. But when bad, it was horrid. This book makes you itch to READ it--only so you can skim!

  • ML

    I was very disappointed. If you are looking for something like DaVinci or such, skip this book! The best way to descibe it is to take Dan Brown, beat him over the head until he's got the IQ of 80 and then let him write a book and you'll have The Rule of Four. Don't waste your time.

  • Anonymous

    This was a complete waste of time. I kept with it, hoping that at least one cd would wow me, but no: I was bored and annoyed spitless. This book has a script feel to it, as if the writers intended it to be a movie. It is completely filled with useless descriptions of snowflakes, library smells, and one entire cd is devoted to describing a party that really does not have much if any baring on the Hypnerotomachia - which once you get to this point you will have forgotten was the reason you rented the title. If I could I would give this minus points.

  • John McCole

    This book has so many layers. You can read/listen in many ways. Engrossing, challenging, fun, and just plain entertaining. Great characters, interesting background, good setup, and wonderful resolution. A thinking person's book, but don't be cowarded, most will like this book.

  • Luis Oliver

    Don't bother. this is longwinded, vapid, insipid garbage with a mystery as facinating as watching dough rise.

  • Daparoye

    Okay, the book is long. I mean that in the explaining every little lamp shade color and size of tables in the room kind of long. I did enjoy this book and was amazed that the book referred to in it is real. I liked most of the characters and the reader was truly wonderful. Unfortunately, I found my mind wandering as I listened to explanation after explanation of the smallest detail. You could kind of guess where it was headed before it got there but it was overall good and if you'd like to learn more about Princeton and its history you will enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

    A wonderful summer "read"! The characters are well developed...you find yourself caring about them and their problems. I just wish I'd been listening to this while on a long road trip...I wouldn't feel bad about passing time sitting in my car!

  • Marilou McClung

    This is a great book -- I wanted to listen to it longer than I had available. The characters are well formed and it is interesting.

  • C. Whiteaker

    If you're a Princeton alumnus then you'll love this book, otherwise what a yawner! Too much pontificating about Princeton and relationships and not enough renaissance and suspense. Perhaps the abridged is better.

  • Rita Main

    Slow moving, I didn't finish the CD's as the story was boring!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe when it was abridged they forgot to include the story line, while keeping trite cliches and over used adjectives. Could not wait for the book to come to the fairly predictable ending. PS - loved Da VInci Code - this is NOT close

  • Anonymous

    This book works very well on tape. I don't think I would have gotten past the Latin and Old English phrases in print. Not as well written as the DeVinci code, but still enjoyable.

  • KPR

    This was okay, but didn't live up to the hype. I could have stopped listening at any time and not missed anything.

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by Dustin Thomason, Ian Caldwell

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Rule of Four, Dustin Thomason, Ian Caldwell
Rule of Four, Dustin Thomason, Ian Caldwell
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Rule of Four, Dustin Thomason, Ian Caldwell
This title is due for release on September 1, 2004
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Rule of Four, Dustin Thomason, Ian Caldwell
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Rule of Four, Dustin Thomason, Ian Caldwell

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