Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Ellen Hopkins

Narrated By: Kirby Heyborne

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: December 2014

Duration: 9 hours 10 minutes


"There is no God, no benevolent ruler of the earth, no omnipotent grand poobah of countless universes. Because if there little brother would still be fishing or playing basketball instead of fertilizing cemetery vegetation."

Matthew Turner doesn't have faith in anything.

Not in family, his is a shambles after his younger brother was bullied into suicide. Not in so-called friends who turn their backs when things get tough. Not in some all-powerful creator who lets too much bad stuff happen. And certainly not in some "It Gets Better" psychobabble.

No matter what his girlfriend, Hayden, says about faith and forgiveness, there's no way Matt's forgiving all those he blames. He's decided to "live large and go out with a huge bang," and whatever happens happens. But when a horrific event plunges Matt into a dark, silent place, he hears a rumble a rumble that wakes him up, calling everything he's ever disbelieved into question.

With brilliant sensitivity and emotional resonance, bestseller Ellen Hopkins' RUMBLE explores the highly-charged landscapes of faith and forgiveness in a story that asks, what if you don't have faith in yourself, let alone in anyone or anything else? And what if the one person you need to forgive most is yourself?


  • Kirsten Mervine

    This was a fantastic read and the narrator did a fantasic job distinguishing between characters

  • Gabriella Morisette

    This a great book! I loved the emotion. The characters are complex but simple enough to keep track of and the settings you can visualize.