Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures: A Novel in Two Books

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2010
24 hours 6 minutes
Set in the land of Zamonia, this exuberant, highly original fantasy from Walter Moers features an unlikely hero. Rumo is a little Wolperting—a domesticated creature somewhere between a deer and a dog—who will one day become the greatest hero in the history of Zamonia. Armed with Dandelion, his talking sword, he fights his way through the Overworld and the Netherworld. He meets Rala, a beautiful Wolperting female; Urs of the Snows, who thinks more of cooking than of fighting; Gornab the Ninety-Ninth, the demented king of Netherworld; Professor Ostafan Kolibri, who goes in search of the Non-Existent Teenies; Professor Abdullah Nightingale, inventor of the chest-of-drawers oracle; and, worst luck, the deadly Metal Maiden.

Astonishingly inventive, amusing, and engrossing, Rumo is a captivating story from the unique imagination of Walter Moers. Filled with humor, this novel puts a new spin on the usual epic fantasy. The comparisons are many—Douglas Adams, Lewis Carroll, J. K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss, and R. Crumb—but Moers is clearly an original. Long live Zamonia!
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This book was so amazing, everyone should read this !! This is the first book I have ever read and finished, and it was 687 pages long. It took me 7 months, and for the first probably 3, I was just reading it in my head and I could only get through about 10 pages because I’m a very slow reader but, the narrator, Bronson Pinchot, not only did wonders in bringing the story to life and give every character and unique voice that perfectly captured them but probably saved me a year of trying to get through the book. The only negative thing I have to say about Pinchot was that the voice for Dandelion was a little annoying and hard to understand at times but again, it fit their character and really worked well with the story and Friftar’s voice was my favorite. Walter Moers, (and my cousin who told me about the book) is the reason I can now say that I love reading. His ability to describe everything in such detail is incredible. Everyone and everything had a backstory, and those backstories were pages long sometimes, but it made the read so much more interesting and intricate because you knew where everything was supposed to fit and why it’s there and why they were so important for Rumo’s story. And the best part… THERE’S PICTURES !!!!! AND MAPS !!!! I truly loved reading this book so so much it was worth all 7 months and 687 pages, thank you Walter Moers and Bronson Pinchot :)

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