[Russian] - (Russian Language Edition) Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The 20th Anniversary Edition.

Written by:
Robert T. Kiyosaki
Narrated by:
Maksim Kiryaev

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
9 hours 38 minutes
Anniversary edition of the financial bestseller of all time!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad was published 20 years ago for the first time and at once achieved wide readership. By the anniversary of the financial bestseller, Robert Kiyosaki has prepared the new edition with updates for the present-day world and today's market conditions including nine additional sections.

20 years having passed since the first publication is a long period. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in the school education since then: our children still aren't being taught any financial skills and that's why becoming adults they work for money all their lives instead of making their money work for them.

It means that the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book will be useful for everybody who wants to improve their financial literacy, to become richer and to teach children to make money before they face the financial difficulties in our unpredictable world.

Having listened to the audiobook you will:

- Understand why the rich don't work for money

- Get to know why you need to be financially competent

- Learn to overcome problems on the path to richness

- Make a plan on how to increase the income or set up business

Only in the new edition! Every lesson gives a practical task that will help you achieve your goals sooner.
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