Save the... Koalas

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
0 hours 58 minutes
Koalas have climbed and munched their ways into kids' hearts. With this audiobook, listeners can become koala experts and learn how to save the animals they love. Featuring an introduction from Chelsea Clinton!

Did you know that koalas spend most of their lives up in the treetops, only coming down if they run out of leaves to munch on? How about that koalas eat almost every minute that they're awake? Or that these cute and cuddly looking animals can give off earsplitting roars that can be heard half a mile away?

Perfect for all animal lovers—and koala fans in particular—this audiobook is filled with all the facts you need to know to become a koala expert! Where are koalas found? What's it like to be a koala? Why are koalas endangered, and who has been working hard to save them? Listen to this audiobook and find out how you can help save the koalas!

Complete with a list of fun koala facts and things that kids can do right this very moment to help save koalas from extinction, this audiobook, with an introduction by animal advocate Chelsea Clinton, is a must for every family, school, and community library.
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