Save the... Penguins

Save the... Penguins

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Unabridged Audiobook

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September 2024
1 hour 0 minutes
Penguins have marched and waddled their ways into kids' hearts. With this audiobook, listeners can become penguin experts and learn how to save the animals they love. Featuring an introduction from Chelsea Clinton!

Did you know that penguins are the fastest-swimming birds on the planet? How about that their tuxedo-like coloring actually helps them keep their bodies at just the right temperature? Or that the biggest penguins of all, Emperor penguins, can dive deep into the water, holding their breath for almost half an hour? 

Perfect for all animal lovers—and penguin fans in particular—this audiobook is filled with all the facts you need to know to become a penguin expert! Where are penguins found? What's it like to be a penguin? Why are penguins endangered, and who has been working hard to save them? Read this book and find out how you can help save the penguins!

Complete with a list of fun penguin facts and things that kids can do right this very moment to help save penguins from extinction, this audiobook, with an introduction by animal advocate Chelsea Clinton, is a must for every family, school, and community library.
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