Saving Sterling: A Dark Romance

Saving Sterling: A Dark Romance

Written by:
Everly Stone
Narrated by:
C.J. Mission , Lili Valente
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
3 hours 42 minutes
Buy her. Seduce her. Destroy her. That was the agenda.

But that was before I knew Trudy Potter. Before I tasted her, touched her. Before she reached into the darkness and made me smile for the first time in years. Before I fell like a star from the sky for her clever mind and incomparable heart.

Too bad we were doomed from the start. She’ll never forgive me for the lies I’ve told, and I can’t love a woman whose brother destroyed my family. I already know how this ends - in pain and chaos.

But I’ve underestimated my true enemy and how far he’s willing to go to ensure Trudy and I never live happily ever after.

Warning: Saving Sterling is the third installment in a three-book serial romance. It’s a dark, dirty, boundary-pushing romance that ends in a happily ever after.
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