Saving the Queen: A Blackford Oakes Mystery

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2005
10 hours 7 minutes
President Truman is near the end of his term in office, and Great Britain has a new queen. It is 1952, the Cold War is heating up, and vital military secrets are falling into Soviet hands. The CIA faces a delicate dilemma—for the source of the leaks has been traced directly to the Queen's chambers. The situation must be resolved but without damaging the young Queen's self-confidence and public credibility.

Young Blackford Oakes, the handsome, debonaire, and audacious Yale graduate and ex-fighter pilot, is selected to penetrate the royal circle, win the Queen's confidence, and plug the leak. The action leads to an explosive showdown in the skies over London, one that could determine the future of the West.

Buckley presents a thrilling spy novel as he introduces Blackforf Oakes for the first time in Saving the Queen.
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