The Scarlet Albatross

The Scarlet Albatross

Written by:
Abigail Hilton
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2016
17 hours 30 minutes
A delicate ship. A fractured crew. A mysterious weapon.

Anaroo is a captured pirate, destined to spend her days winding the great springs of the Scarlet Albatross. When a storm threatens to sink the airship, Anaroo and her fellow slaves seize the opportunity to escape.

However, the airship nearly sank for a reason—violent unrest among the island kingdoms below. The world is changing and the inhabitants of the Scarlet Albatross will need to cooperate to survive. In spite of her anger towards her abductors, Anaroo is drawn to the ship’s brilliant, but eccentric captain, Silas, who asks for her help.

Together, the mismatched crew will take the Scarlet Albatross on the most harrowing flight of her career—through storms, pirates, bloodshed, and war. When the final confrontation arrives, choosing sides will be harder than Anaroo ever imagined.
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