Scattered Suns

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Kevin J. Anderson

Narrated By: David Colacci

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: July 2005

Duration: 20 hours 46 minutes


The war between the alien hydrogues and the faeros rages, reducing suns to blackened shells - including one of the fabled seven suns of the Ildiran Empire. Instead of protecting themselves, the Ildirans engage in bloody civil war and the many factions of humanity are bitterly divided. Can mankind and Ildirans overcome their own internal fighting to face a deadly new enemy that is ready to annihilate them? Newly ascended to the Ildiran throne, Mage-Imperator Jora'h must quash the rebellion launched by his mad brother before the hydrogues destroy what is left of the empire. Assailed from all sides, Jora'h turns to his beloved half-human daughter, dispatching her on a desperate mission to make peace with the hydrogues. Hope for humanity now rests with Jess Tamblyn, who continues to seed worlds with the watery wentals, the mortal enemies of the hydrogues. And on the ravaged planet of Theroc, home to a telepathic worldforest, a dead man is resurrected to prepare for the arrival of mysterious new allies in the fight. But Chairman Basil Wenceslas's vendetta against the free-spirited Roamers has blinded him to danger closer to home - the soldier machines that make up the backbone of the Hansa fighting force. King Peter has long suspected that the compies, built with the help of the ancient Klikiss robots, cannot be trusted. Now the shocking proof comes when the Klikiss launch their long-planned extermination of all things flesh and blood. And in the ensuing battle, humans and Ildirans alike will face their darkest choices yet...


  • Anonymous

    I like other Kevin Anderson books I've read or listened to, but only made it through the first disc on this one. I'm a fan of space opera, but this was more like being read a very detailed history book (both the recap of what's happened as well as the ongoing story). Also way too much purposefully 'futuristic/alien' vocabulary for the story to flow.

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  • Matthew MacTyre

    Keep in mind that the Scattered Suns books are space opera and you should be able to enjoy them. The characters do develop over time and I became attached to a few of them. No real surprises though.

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