The Scent of Jasmine

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jude Deveraux

Narrated By: Gabra Zackman

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: June 2013

Duration: 9 hours 52 minutes


Cay Harcourt has been reared in a life of gentility and comfort. All she wants is to marry, have children, and do a bit of painting when she has the time. She just has to make up her mind which of three men’s marriage proposals to accept and her life will be set.

When her godfather breaks his leg, he asks Cay to do one small thing for him. On her way to the governor’s ball, would she please meet the son of an old friend - a convicted murderer escaping from prison - and give him a packed horse? It is such a simple request and her godfather promises her that nothing can possibly go wrong. How can Cay say no?

But everything does go wrong. The men helping Alexander McDowell escape are captured, leaving him on his own. When he sees that his freedom depends on a young, petite female wearing a gown that sparkles in the moonlight, he thinks he might as well give himself up. But there’s no time to waste as his captors are immediately upon them and they must flee --- together.

She is a young woman who’d never known hardship; he is a man who has known little else. But suddenly their lives depend on each other.

While working out their differences, they travel south to where a boat waits to ferry Alex into the uncharted territory of Florida, where he’ll battle animals, renegades, and the unpredictable elements. What he is absolutely sure of is that it’s no place for a woman, and under no circumstances is Cay to accompany him.

But Cay has other ideas. For the first time in her life she is free of her overly protective family, and she doesn’t want to return to her former life. And so she challenges Alex to a duel—with pen and ink – and if she wins, she will venture into the unknown with him.

It’s in the steamy everglades of an uncharted land, while fighting unspeakable danger, that they finally learn to work together — and they teach each other what it truly means to love.