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Book Rating (53)

Narrator Rating (17)

The Scottish Prisoner

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Diana Gabaldon

Narrated By: Jeff Woodman, Rick Holmes

Publisher: Recorded Books

Date: November 2011

Duration: 15 hours 49 minutes


Winner of the Quill Award and the Corine International Book Prize, Diana Gabaldon is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of the Outlander series. This fourth novel featuring popular character Lord John Grey is told both from Lord Grey's perspective and from that of Jamie Fraser, the star of the Outlander series.


  • Margaret C.

    I'm finding it's more fun and it's someone detaining to listen to it instead of watching it on TV I love this set Outlanders rule

  • Carol M

    The story is interesting although it lacks the depth of the original Outlander series. The narrator really detracts from my enjoyment of the story. Agree with the previous reviews of the narrator

  • Elizabeth S

    I absolutely love the characters in the Outlander and Lord John series. This book was interesting and I went through it quickly. But, I agree with the other individuals that left their reviews regarding the narrator. Davina Porter is far superior. And, while I did like Jeff Woodman's narrative parts, I did not enjoy the other gentlemen's.

  • kerry w

    Great book, as always Diana Gabaldon. I thought the narrator was average, he didn't do Jamie's scottish accent very well at all. He made him sound irish. Davina Porter was by far a better narrator.

  • Rachel Oliver

    I love this series but the narrator wasn't as good as the narrator who does the outlander series proper (Davian Porter). At some stages I'm sure he even got the accents and voices mixed up with the wrong characters.

  • Sussan Carlson

    I love the Outlander series but I have to agree the narrators lacked something. After listening to the Outlander series, narrated by Davina Porter, I found the narrators to lack the ease of the characters, especially Jamie's. I felt the narrator lack enthusiasm. Anyway, the story was great a great way to see what Jamie went through at Helwater. S. Carlson

  • Ciera Fisher

    Great addition to the Outlander series!! Loved hearing more of what Jamie did whilst at Helwater.

  • Lana LaLonde

    Just like with Outlander, it's hard to put the book down.

  • Carol Haas

    I have enjoyed listening to all of Diana Gabaldon's books. Can't wait for Outlander Nine to come out.

  • Judy Watts

    I'm one of those people who hates to give anything a bad review however, in this case, it was easy to make an exception. I suspect the actual book may very well be worth the read but, the recorded version stinks. Listening was a nightmare primarily due to narrations and attempted accents by Mr. Woodman and Mr. Holmes. They may do quite well with other projects but, I'm not keen to chance it again. It was impossible to keep up with what character was speaking because all the voices sounded the same. As another reviewer stated, they should never attempt children's voices however, I would go a step further and say they shouldn't try Scottish or different register British voices either. I honestly tried to get through the recording but, after continually backing it up to try and understand who was speaking and what they were saying, I simply gave up, let it play on as static noise while I went to sleep. Perhaps I made it nearly a third of the way through before I slept. A laboriously painful third indeed. I did take the time to read other reviews before purchasing this recording and most all stated the narration and performances were not very good however, two or three said it was worth it and a couple said once you got past the first three chapters you became accustomed to their voices and it wasn't so bad. On the contrary, I beg to disagree.... it just didn't work for me. My advice, (for what it's worth, if anything), is to buy the paperback. That's my intention as I truly do believe it would be a good read due to the content, and of course the author who has produced a string of fine reads. Best regards, JL Watts