Searching for Caleb

Written by:
Anne Tyler
Narrated by:
Amy Finegan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
11 hours 37 minutes
Through the syncopated rhythms of the ragtime era to the thumping, rocking beats of the 1970s, generations of Pecks have maintained a determined steadiness. Adamantly middle class—Peck-proud, as the family slogan goes—they are quick to sweep under the rug those members who do not live up to their standards. Maybe that’s why Caleb Peck took off with his violoncello as a boy?

Sixty years later, his brother Daniel is still wondering. No longer willing to live without answers, he turns to his daughter-in-law, Justine, another Peck family eccentric. A studied tarot card reader, Justine comes across one message over and over in the cards: change is coming. With Daniel’s help, she’s hoping to find the courage to embrace whatever happens next.

An unlikely pair struggling against a stifling family, Daniel and Justine believe they’ll find freedom in just the right mix of magic, music, and mystery.

“Magic and true, dazzling and wise. … It has an astounding confidence, depth and range. … A wonderful, wonderful novel.”—The Boston Globe
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