The Secret Women: A Novel

Written by:
Sheila Williams
Narrated by:
Zakiya Young

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
7 hours 32 minutes
The author of Dancing on the Edge of the Roof, now a Netflix film starring Alfre Woodard, returns with a riveting, emotionally rich, novel that explores the complex relationship between mothers and daughters in a fresh, vibrant way—a stunning page-turner for fans of Terry McMillan, Tayari Jones, and Kimberla Lawson Roby.

 Elise Armstrong, Carmen Bradshaw, and DeeDee Davis meet in a yoga class. Though vastly different, these women discover they all have one thing in common: their mothers have recently passed away. Becoming fast friends, the trio make a pact to help each other sort through the belongings their mothers’ left behind. But when they find old letters and diaries, Elise, Carmen, and DeeDee are astonished to learn that each of their mothers hid secrets—secrets that will transform their own lives.

Meeting each month over margaritas, the trio share laughter, advice, and support. As they help each other overcome challenges and celebrate successes, Elise, Carmen, and DeeDee gain not only a better understanding of the women their mothers were, but of themselves. They also come to realize they have what their mothers needed most but did not have during difficult times—other women they could trust.

Filled with poignant life lessons, The Secret Women pays tribute to the power of friendship and family and the bonds that tie us together. Beautiful, full of spirit and heart, it is a thoughtful and ultimately uplifting story of unconditional love.
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Latoya L.

The commraderie between the women us what I loved the most about this book. I didn't like the part where she found out that her mother wasn't her mother after she died. How hard is it to be truthful to your children, why carry secrets til death. I loved hoe Shelia addressed mental health, the good and bad. She highlighted the struggles of women and my sisterhood. #Book12of2021 #bookworm #whatsnext

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