Secrets of Eden: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2010
11 hours 18 minutes
From the bestselling author of The Double Bind, Midwives, and Skeletons at the Feast comes a novel of shattered faith, intimate secrets, and the delicate nature of sacrifice.

'There,' says Alice Hayward to Reverend Stephen Drew, just after her baptism, and just before going home to the husband who will kill her that evening and then shoot himself. Drew, tortured by the cryptic finality of that short utterance, feels his faith in God slipping away and is saved from despair only by a meeting with Heather Laurent, the author of wildly successful, inspirational books about . . . angels. 

Heather survived a childhood that culminated in her own parents' murder-suicide, so she identifies deeply with Alice’s daughter, Katie, offering herself as a mentor to the girl and a shoulder for Stephen – who flees the pulpit to be with Heather and see if there is anything to be salvaged from the spiritual wreckage around him.
But then the State's Attorney begins to suspect that Alice's husband may not have killed himself. . .and finds out that Alice had secrets only her minister knew.

Secrets of Eden is both a haunting literary thriller and a deeply evocative testament to the inner complexities that mark all of our lives.  Once again Chris Bohjalian has given us a riveting page-turner in which nothing is precisely what it seems.  As one character remarks, “Believe no one.  Trust no one.  Assume all of our stories are suspect.”
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The different narrators,characters, and points of views made this book more interesting. Not all main characters were equally likeable, and the crime was not terribly hard to solve. However, the picture of abuse and the far reaching impact on people's lives made it a story that was difficult to put down or to forget.

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This "read" would have been better abridged as some of the narrations were a little long winded at times, but it had a twist at the end I didn't expect and I found myself enjoying the "faith" plot along the way!

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Like most of this author's books, this one has a twist. I got a little bored with some of the narratives (especially by the teenage daughter), fast-forwarding through them but I could still follow the storyline. This book kept me company on several long drives.

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Why? This point never has a point, makes a point, and never really tells a compelling story. It is by far the WORST book that I have listened to in a very long time!

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It seemed like there were a lot of different themes being explored in this book, but none very deeply. I'm not sure what point the author was trying to make, maybe none. It was an entertaining read, though.

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