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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: T. Harv Eker

Narrated By: T. Harv Eker

Publisher: HarperAudio

Date: February 2005

Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes


In his groundbreaking Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker states: 'Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!' Eker does this by identifying your 'money and success blueprint.' This blueprint determines your financial life. If your money blueprint is not set for a high level of success, you will never have a lot of money -- and if somehow you do, you will most likely lose it! The good news is that now you can actually reset your money blueprint to create natural and automatic success.
In Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, you will learn how your childhood influences have shaped your financial destiny. You will also learn how to identify your own money blueprint and 'revise' it to not only create success but, more importantly, to keep and continually grow it. Finally, you will be introduced to the 'Wealth Files:' 17 specific ways rich people think and act. These include specific action steps for you to practice in order to increase your income and accumulate wealth. It’s simple, if you think like rich people think and do what rich people do, chances are you’ll get rich too!


  • max

    The audio was very good, however the piped in music was awful. The intention was to inspire you, but I found it a bit distracting at times. The author views himself as a coach to get to you change yourself. He compares poor and rich to help make his point. Not an awful book on the subject, but not one of my favorite either. 3 stars is about where it lands for me.

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  • Rich

    Presumably, if you are interested in listening to Eker, it's because you want to set your money straight. In which case you want Suze Orman, Ric Edelman, or any of the much more practical guides out there. If, instead, you are just purely interested in financial self-help nonsense and common sense, this is the book for you. BTW, a much better (socialogical, not pop finance) title is The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley and Danko (both PhD's).

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  • Millionaire2B

    I listened to it twice. Very motivational, common sense, some new ideas, but overall it helps keep me on my goals and reflect on how I am doing.

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  • Nate Alexander

    this book delivers exactly what the title states. A breakdown of the millionaire's mind. Its not like millionaire next door where they give you statistics, but a more realistic look at common beliefs and ideals that the rich have readily available and how the poor tend to suppress these thoughts. Harv writes this book just the way he speaks. Its not in technical-ese and doesn't promise to be an investment or "how to" book, in the sense of what to invest in. Look to this book for foundations of HOW to think and you'll begin to figure out the HOW of becoming rich.

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  • Dian B.

    Don't expect this to be a book on "how to." It is a book about helping yourself and changing your thought processes. If you are going to get anything out of it, you have to actually take the actions suggested. As the title says, it's a book about the inner games we play with ourselves. He does depart from many self-help books by providing actions to complete thereby focusing attention on our personal responsibility for the outcome. If you have a specific field, there is always some book available on the details of the field (stocks, sales, making crafts, etc.). Harv Eker provides a blueprint for what to do with all that information and how to identify times when you on the road to success but decide to lock, load and shoot yourself in the foot.

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  • Nancy Shelton-Williams

    Some of the previous reviews fail to keep in mind the actual purpose in Hal's writing of the book. I agree the music doesn't sit well... his reading of his own book is even a bit distracting however it is my impression - the purpose is to take you from step A to step B... not all the way to Z. The purpose It is my impression - is to help us accomplish the essential starting place of MINDSET. If we don't have the correct mindset we get no where. I think the book sets that very well. He doesn't say there are no other steps to take... He doesn't suggest that this is all one needs... He simply inspires to the proper mindset to get one going.

  • Jeff Ramsay

    Excellent audiobook on wealth. Really motivates you to look at how you view money and to make the necessary changes to draw it to you like a magnet! Do yourself a favor and rent this title.

  • Mario Cuascut

    This book has been the beginning of the transformation of my financial life! In the process of listening to this and to one of Robert Kyosaki's books I have fully understood that being a millionaire is not an issue of a bank account or luck but of a mindset. By changing your mindset and perspective you can change your outlook on life and approach to issues in life. Every situation that you face in life is affected by your perspective. If you can change your mindset and perspective to that of a millionaire you can turn any situation around to your favor, no matter what. This book was extremely helpful in helping me to realize how simple it really is and how often we make it more complicated than it needs to be because we don't know any better. Get this book change your mindset and change your life!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

by T. Harv Eker

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, T. Harv Eker