Secrets of the Seven Praising Verses

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Authors Republic

Date: August 2017

Duration: 7 hours 47 minutes


This important audiobook contains the following items:

A detailed explanation of the Opening Fortress (Al-Fatiha Surah) meaning and importance.

The grades of believing in the Almighty Provider.

The reality of worshiping the Almighty Al'lah.

The reality of the Straight Way (As-Seratu Al-Mustaqeem).

The reality of kneeling and prostrating (Rukoo'a and Sujood).

An explaining of the final item of prayer (inner conversation of At'Teheyat).

The wisdom of Friday prayer, Eid Ul-Fitr prayer, Eid Ul-Adha (the Greater Bairam) prayer, Tahajjud prayer, Al-Awabeen prayer, ADh'uha (after sunrise) prayer, Al-Estekhara (asking God to guide you in an issue) prayer, Al-Estesqa'a (asking God to send rain) prayer, dead person prayer, At-Tarawih prayer (nightly prayer during Ramadan), and At-Tesabih prayer.

An example of the following: prayer rules, rituals of prayer (Sunen As-Salat), the unwanted actions in prayer (Makroohat As-Salat), and the actions which corrupt prayer (Mufseda'atu As-Salat).

The wisdom behind prayer in a loud voice during the night and prayer in a low voice during the day.

The charity and the almsgiving (As-Sadaqa and Az-Zakat).


Secrets of the Seven Praising Verses

by Mohammad Amin Sheikho

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Secrets of the Seven Praising Verses, Mohammad Amin Sheikho