Seduced By Her Husband's Bullying Boss

Written by:
Thomas Roberts
Narrated by:
Samantha Logsdon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
2 hours 24 minutes
I can’t help myself around my husband’s bullying boss…whatever he wants from me, he takes. Then he demanded I take off my wet panties in the middle of a crowded dance floor when my husband was only a few feet away. I didn’t expect him to show them to Todd and brag about what he planned to do to me! Why does the possibility of getting caught excite me so much?
~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
After my shower I’d slipped on a long, light blue summer dress decorated with large white flowers. It was going to be a hot day and I didn’t plan on going anywhere, so I didn’t bother with underwear.
When the doorbell rang, I thought it was the delivery guy. I opened the door without looking and stepped back in surprise when I saw Jerry grinning at me.
“Is that how you treat your lover?” he asked. I backed up startled, my hand over my heart.
Jerry turned in a complete circle, checking to see if anyone was watching. “What will your neighbors say. ‘A strange man is standing in front of Pamela’s open door. I wonder who he is?’” Jerry mused.
“Please, come inside,” I begged him. I couldn’t afford a neighbor blabbing to my husband.
“Tell me what I can do to you, first,” he said.
“Please, just come inside,” I was in danger of becoming hysterical.
“Tell me first, and make it loud enough for me to hear,” he insisted.
“You can do anything you want,” I said.
“Louder, and who can I do anything to?”
“You can do anything you want to me, just please come inside,” I almost shouted. Jerry stepped through the door.
“Pretty dress - take it off,” he said.
Why did his arrogance turn me on? Telling the entire neighborhood he could do anything he wanted to me had been exciting. Being ordered to get naked caused me to ache for him.
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