Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
7 hours 26 minutes
Enemies are closing in, threatening those I love.

You'd think witch hunts were a thing of the past, but it turns out, some dragons aren't happy with a witch living in their village.

What's worse, my family can't seem to let me go, and I'm scared of how far they'll go to keep me from using my magic.

If I have to leave Amber Bay to save my men from being hunted, then that's what I'll do. Even if my heart will break with every mile I put between us.

But they won't let me go.

They'll fight for me until their last breath, and I want nothing more than to stay with them.

No matter what the future brings.
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Sherry G.

I just love these characters so much! These books are very easy to read, they don't have much of a plot arch. I love this author's writing so much. This is my second time reading but first with an audiobook and the narrators are fantastic, especially Alex, his voice is perfect.

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