Selected Stories of Grace Paley: A Selection

Written by:
Grace Paley
Narrated by:
Grace Paley

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
5 hours 5 minutes
Now available for the first time in audio as a digital download, a selection of stories from Grace Paley.

Whether writing about relationships, little girls, loving and bickering couples, angry suburbanites, frustrated job-seekers, or Jewish children performing a Christmas play, GRACE PALEY captured the loneliness, poignancy, and humor of the human experience with matchless style. This volume collects a selection of her stories, including:

-From The Little Disturbances of Man
-The Pale Pink Roast
-An Interest in Life
Two Short Sad Stories from a Long and Happy Life
-A Subject of Childhood
-Enormous Changes at the Last Minute
-A Conversation with My Father
-The Immigrant Story
-The Long Distance Runner
-From Later the Same Day
-Dreamer in a Dead Language
-In This Country, but in Another Language
-My Aunt Refuses to Marry the Men Everyone Wants Her To
-A Man Told Me the Story of His Life
-The Story Hearer
-This Is a Story About My Friend George the Toy Inventor
-Zagrowsky Tells

This audio collection is an abridgement of the full volume of Grace Paley's short story work.
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