Self-Esteem for Teenagers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2011
0 hours 33 minutes
Would you like your teen to listen to you? Would you like to trust that your teen is making good decisions? Would you like to know how to help your teen break old bad habits and establish healthy new ones—for life? Well now you can! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents Self-Esteem for Teenagers:

1. Understand what self-esteem is, and what it isn't

2. Discover the secret technique that will impact your teen's self-esteem

3. Respond rather than react to your teen when under pressure

4. Recognize how to successfully motivate your teen

5. Learn how to be your teen's biggest champion instead of biggest enemy

6. Discern how to respond to your teen when you're caught off guard

7. Identify how to help your teen not give in to peer pressure

You'll see why Dawn believes as Oprah Winfrey does that our words toward ourselves and others have great impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. Dawn Jones is an internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer who is passionate about helping people break old habits and live life to the fullest!
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