Sell Your Photos & Videos Online

Sell Your Photos & Videos Online

Written by:
Daniele Carrer
Narrated by:
Trevor O'hare
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
3 hours 22 minutes
By selling my photos and videos online I have earned more than 100 thousand euros, thanks to microstocks: agencies that provide webmasters, marketers, documentary directors and anyone who wants to buy content created by others to use on their projects.

As a photography enthusiast, I traveled the world with my reflex camera paying for flights and hotels with the sales of my images and videos. This was incredibly satisfying, but not easy at all, as I had to learn which subjects sold the best, how to describe my pictures and footage to be found by customers, and how to organize the production to be more efficient.

Over the years I became so professional that in the end I was able to give up my job and start living the life I wanted.

For those who want to start today, no big investment is needed: uploading to microstock sites is free, and the only necessary equipment is the camera you already have, or even your smartphone.

The real challenge is understanding what photos and videos the buyers want. If you don't get the help of someone who has studied this business, you will have no chances for making good money.

The earnings I got prove that I am the right person for you, and the explanations that I give in 'Sell your Photos and Videos Online' will make the difference between making small change and creating an income that can improve the way you live.

Daniele Carrer
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