Serenity By Kevin - Depression and Low Mood, IT'S TIME TO GO

Written by:
Kevin Mullin
Narrated by:
Kevin Mullin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
0 hours 20 minutes
Arguably one of the most highly trained experts in mind programming in the world, Kevin Mullin has enhanced the lives of tens of thousands of people. His unique ability to remove anxiety in minutes stems from his equally unique training which saw him removing negative emotions in the middle of warzones.
In a 17-year military career, this decorated British Army Warrant Officer was trained by Her Majesties Armed Forces in numerous mind programming techniques, both within military facilities and civilian universities. This rich education allowed him to teach thousands of soldiers, including Prince Harry, to control the various emotions experienced during battle. On leaving the British Army, he worked as a military contractor for American forces in Afghanistan for six years before bringing his specialised skillset to the public.
As a therapist, Kevin has sold out numerous large venues, worked with celebrities, lectured all over the world, and trained many in his techniques. Still, more importantly, he's helped thousands of people to change their lives positively, quickly, effectively, and permanently.
Now for the first time, Kevin has recorded a hypnosis series to help you overcome Depression and Low Mood.
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