Seven Strange & Ghostly Tales

Written by:
Brian Jacques
Narrated by:
Brian Jacques

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2010
4 hours 5 minutes
Maybe you don't believe in ghosts, and vampires, and spooky things that creep around in the dark...

Then you don't mind sitting by a vampire's tomb at midnight. Or being locked up with the mummies in a dark museum. Or you might like to join the mysterious boy who lurks in the shadows at Saint Michael's. Or the ghost who waits by the side of the road. Or maybe, when you are home alone, you'd like to listen to these spine-chilling tales...and try to believe they won't happen to you!

'Well-crafted and smoothly written...suitable for reading aloud...Even better for reading under the cover with a flashlight.' - Booklist
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