Shade King

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
10 hours 51 minutes
The Awakened World of 2053-a shattered land of magic, Fey, monsters . . . and world-ending secrets.

What difference does a week make?

I'm Angie Ritter, former army mage and recovering headcase. Seven days ago, I was struggling to survive without my magic. Now I'm on the run with a family of werewolf super-soldiers. Not gonna lie. I'm in trouble-a lot of trouble: a cult of dragon-worshipping fanatics wants to cut my heart out, vampire assassins hunt me, and even my own countrymen want to hang me for treason.

Oh, and a dark empire plots to conquer the entire West Coast. It may be led by a pair of dragons, honest-to-god dragons.

Did I mention I'm possessed by an ancient entity of unimaginable power?

Last week was hell on Earth, literally. I think this week is gonna be worse. At least my magic's back-wow, is it ever back!

Contains mature themes.
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